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Launch Tracker


Never miss a rocket launch again. Launch Tracker meets most of your needs when it comes to tracking rocket launches all over the world.It lets you watch live footage of a rocket launch taking place by providing a link to the appropriate webcast.
Filter launches by location or rocket name. Links to info and details of an agency or a rocket is also provided.And if you wish you can view beautiful pictures of rocket launches by enabling it in the settings.
List of features currently supported by the app
-> Ability to view n number of upcoming launches-> View past launches with success or failure reports-> Filter by rocket name or by location-> Search by launch name or by location-> Add a launch event to calendar-> Launch notification support-> Real time weather report (every three, seven hours etc)-> A countdown timer-> Automatic updates-> Links to webcasts, wikis and info about rocket, payload, agencies, pads etc-> Short description about mission-> Share details about a launch-> A countdown widget for next launch
Features that will be added in the future updates
-> Ability to filter launches according to company